El Extranjero Politico offers a collection of political and societal reflections in the form of essays, research and interviews for both English and Spanish speaking audiences. The name (‘the political foreigner’) refers to myself, the author who is of European descent but moved to the ever fascinating and happening Mexico. I combine reflections from teaching as a professor in political science and research on social problems with a leftish insider/outsider perspective on ongoing events in Mexican society and the wider world.

El Extranjero Politico is however not the result of individual effort, but counts on a group of translators and proofreaders who help offer the content in both Spanish and English.

You can contact me for matters related to my political commentary and this website at: contact (at) extranjero.red

For students and others academic contacts, find my work email or another medium

Tuur Ghys aka El Extranjero Politico